Deepika Padukone Interview With Anupama Chopra | Padmaavat

Deepika Padukone Interview With Anupama Chopra | Padmaavat

| 2018-04-04 | HD

The success of Padmaavat makes Deepika Padukone one of the most powerful women in Bollywood. Rarely has a film of this scale been centred on a female protagonist. In this interview, Deepika talks about how she can use her success positively and why she's looking to do something fun and light now. While she's searches for a script that interests her, she tells us about how she's spending her free time at home. She also talks about speculations on her marriage and why she can now imagine herself being a working wife or mother. 


Starring: Deepika Padukone

Genre: Talk Show

Country: India

Language: English

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