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| 2005 | HD

Journalist Madhvi Sharma's first assignment is a popular entertainment column in a Mumbai newspaper. And, very suddenly, she's everyone's new best friend. Whether it's a burned-out socialite addicted to the paparazzi a flamboyant make-up artist or her own roommates (Tara Sharma, everyone wants something from her. With little help from her editor Madhvi struggles to navigate the world of the rich and famous.

Director: , Madhur Bhandarkar

Starring: , Konkona Sen Sharma , Atul Kulkarni , Sandhya Mridul

Genre: Drama


Language: Hindi

If you wondered how Netwood came to be called so, well, this is how it came about.

The first part of the word that is, “Net” comes from the now ubiquitous “Internet” while the second part “wood” bears the same connotation as that of the two biggest lands of cinema “Hollywood” and “Bollywood”..... (Read More).

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