2:17:37 | 2010-06-18 | HD

Veera is a jungle brigand, who, in an act of revenge, abducts Ragini, the wife of police officer Dev. Veera brings Ragini to a clifftop to kill her but she declares that she would rather take her own life and jumps into the river below. Taken aback by her bravery, Veera spares her. Veera then falls in love with Ragini, whose feelings towards her captor are ambivalent.

If you wondered how Netwood came to be called so, well, this is how it came about.

The first part of the word that is, “Net” comes from the now ubiquitous “Internet” while the second part “wood” bears the same connotation as that of the two biggest lands of cinema “Hollywood” and “Bollywood”..... (Read More).

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