2:41:37 | 2015-08-07 | HD

Ravikanth leaves his village at a young age and becomes a rich businessman in the city. Harsha, the son of Ravikanth, has no interest in the money and always feels a void in his life. He falls in love with a like-minded girl, Charuseela, and she reciprocates his love. She distances herself from him after knowing that he hails from the same village but has done nothing to develop the village. Harsha leaves for the village without informing his parents and starts to develop the village. The local leaders find him as a threat to their exploits and decide to get rid of him. Ravikanth learns about Harsha's whereabouts and tells him the reason why he had to leave the village. Harsha is left with an option to choose between the family and the village.

Director: Koratala Siva

Starring: Mahesh Babu , Shruti Hassan

Genre: Action

Country: India

Language: Telugu

If you wondered how Netwood came to be called so, well, this is how it came about.

The first part of the word that is, “Net” comes from the now ubiquitous “Internet” while the second part “wood” bears the same connotation as that of the two biggest lands of cinema “Hollywood” and “Bollywood”..... (Read More).

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